Stock Chaser

Shoulder the workload.

The Stock Chaser is built to carry more of everything.

The vast cargo deck built into the Stock Chaser’s slim design makes it the ideal vehicle for transporting inventory throughout the cramped aisles of warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. And when you’re not moving product, it serves as excellent maintenance support, carrying large tools and parts with ease.

  • 9.6-sq-ft cargo deck
  • 1,000-lb payload
  • Optional 4- or 6-step ladder

Stock Chaser Sell Sheet




Cargo Deck
Slim deck design packs 1,000-lb payload
On-Board Battery Charge
Easily recharge batteries without external equipment
Under-Deck Battery Compartment
Maximizes cargo space while providing easy battery access
Optional 4-Step or 6-Step Ladder
Quickly access high stocking areas
Comfort Grip Steering Wheel
Ergonomic design to navigate tight spaces with full control
Dash-Mounted Directional Switch
Ergonomic design for driver convenience
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We can build hard-working, custom vehicles to meet even the most unique challenges. Check out some of our custom solutions, and let us know how we can work together to get you the vehicle your company needs.



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Vehicle Dimensions

Overall Length 84.0 in (213 cm)
Overall Width 29.5 in (75 cm)
Overall Height (no ladder) 48.0 in (122 cm)
Overall Height (4 step ladder) 78.0 in (198 cm)
Overall Height (6 step ladder) 97.0 (246 cm)
Wheel Base 48.0 in (122cm)
Front Wheel Track NA
Rear Wheel Track 24.75 in (63 cm)
Ground Clearance @ Differential 4.0 in (10 cm)
Cargo Deck Width 29.0 in (74 cm)
Cargo Deck Length 48.0 in (122 cm)



Power Source 24-Volt DC
Motor Type Series Wound
Horsepower 1.5 hp (1.1 kW) @ 2800 rpm
Electrical System 24-Volt 
Batteries Four, 6V Deep Cycle
Battery Charger 24-Volt, 120 VAC On-Board, UL & CSA
Speed Controller Solid State 275 Amp Rated
Drivetrain Motor Shaft Direct Drive
Differential Diffrerential with Helical Gears
Gear Selection Dash-Mounted Forward-Neutral-Reverse
Rear Axle Ratio 14.78:1


Seating Capacity and Style 1 person (standing)
Dry Weight 522.0 lb (237 kg)
Curb Weight 810.0 lb (367 kg)
Cargo Deck Capacity 750.0 lb (340 kg)
Vehicle Load Capacity 1000.0 lb (450 kg)
Outside Clearance Circle 12.4 ft (3.8 m)
Intersecting Aisle Clearance 56.0 in (142 cm)
Speed (level ground) 8.5 mph max (13.7 kph max)
Towing Capacity 2,000 lb (907 kg)

Steering and Suspension

Steering Direct Chain & Linkage
Front Suspension Solid
Rear Suspension Solid
Service Brake Rear Wheel Mechanical Drum
Parking Brake Automatic
Front and Rear Tires 4.80 x 8 (Load Range B)

Frame and Color

Frame Welded Steel with Powder-Coat Protection
Body and Finish Diamond Plate. Polyester primer + acrylic
Standard Color Yellow
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